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NEW every Friday around 10:05pm & again around 11:05pm on 1490 WMRN-AM (give or take a few minutes)

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A late-night talk show in 60 seconds? Really?
The best talk show I could put together in 1 minute!

A lot of people say that 60 seconds with Spencer Phelps is about enough, and they would be right. Since he can't convince any TV or radio stations to give him a show, he's taken it upon himself to purchase AM radio ad space and host his own damn show! However, the cost of radio advertising can really add up after a while, so Spencer could only afford 2 one-minute slots per week. Who knows? Maybe if this show catches on, he could afford TWO minutes at a time!

So this is a late-night type talk show complete with a mini-monologue, mini-commercial, and mini-interview with interesting people in and around Marion, Ohio. Didn't get enough of a particular guest? Don't worry. Spencer sits down with them after the show with an incredibly long (one minute) extended interview where you can learn more about what they're up to.

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